How much does it cost?

The Carnival is free! Only the access to the Balls (Mummy’s, Daddy’s, Children’s) isn’t.


Should I wear a disguise?

Absolutely not!!! You would be at risk of having the best time of your life!


Will it be sunny?

Even if February or March are often known as the warmest months in Normandy, don’t hesitate to look at weather forecasts and to bring warm clothes in case you linger during the evening.


I forgot to eat before coming, will I find things over there?

Yes, we have your back! You will find the usual bars and restaurants but also many food trucks at the fairs around town.


I really need to pee, do you have a solution?

What a strange idea to hydrate yourself, luckily, if you stay alert, you will see toilets set up all around town.


I swallowed confetti, what do I do?

Keep calm… if the confetti was of a normal size, you are safe. Some even say that it gives taste to the beer. Blue ones specifically.


Can I come with kids?

Yes, there are no restrictions on the number or age of the children that you wish to bring. They will certainly be more than happy to wear a disguise, admire the cavalcade and taking rides at the fair.


Can I come with my grandmother?

Yes, there are no restrictions on the number or age of the grandmothers that you wish to bring. They will certainly be more than happy to wear a disguise, admire the cavalcade and taking rides at the fair.


What is the best place to see the cavalcade?

The cavalcade leaves from 3 streets in the city center on Sunday. All the floats meet at the Cours Jonville (in front of the City Hall) and then go towards the round about of the “Calvaire”. You will be assured to see all of the cavalcade and its floats if you are positioned between the Cours Jonville and the Calvaire.

On Tuesday, the cavalcade goes from the Calvaire towards the fishing port.


I can’t hear my friend on the phone because of the floats’ music, what should I do?

You can always try to ask some of the “Carnivalers” on the floats to turn down the music but we can’t assure you that it will work. Otherwise if you know how to read and write, don’t hesitate to use written messages.


How do I join a float?

To participate to the cavalcade on a float, you need to contact one of the many associations that build the floats. They may need motivated people to help them prepare.


We are a great group of friends and we would love to join the cavalcade, do we need the authorization of the organization committee?

No unless you are a very big group of friends that measures to the size of a float. In this case, for security and organizational reasons, contact the committee, send us an email.


How do I get tickets for the opening concert?

You need to go to the tourist office of Granville the two Saturdays before Carnival starting at 9am. Watch out, demand is high and tickets are usually distributed very quickly. 2 tickets are given to each person present.


Where do I buy tickets for the Children’s Ball?

The Children’s Ball is free for the kids. Parents have to buy a ticket for themselves on the day either at the beginning of the children’s cavalcade at the Calvaire or at the entrance of the House of Carnival where the Ball is happening.


Where do I buy tickets for Daddy’s and Mummy’s Balls?

Tickets are reserved for the floats’ members in priority and as they are always sold, there has never been a public sale.


Where is the secret parking spot in the city center?

It is right behind.


Where do I find stickers and other goodies?

You will find some at the Saturday market in Granville, a few weeks before Carnival or at the open day of the floats depot. There is no Carnival shop during Carnival, volunteers are too busy partying.


I didn’t find the answer to my questions, what do I do?

You can send us your questions through the Contact page, our hostess will be delighted to answer.

But, we can only advise you to let yourself go and be swept away by this incredible event and everything will be all right.


Have a great Carnival!